Registered in Australia?

If you are currently registered as a podiatrist in Australia, you may be able to apply for registration in New Zealand under the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1977.

TTMR Registration Application Form

Please note: In order to practice in New Zealand you must not only be registered but also hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC).

The TTMR Act allows people registered in Australia and New Zealand who practice substantially the same registered occupations, to move freely between both countries. 

If you are registered to practice podiatry in Australia, you are entitled to seek registration in the equivalent occupation in New Zealand. 

Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition therefore provides an alternative avenue for obtaining registration in New Zealand. Applicants have the choice of applying for registration under the TTMR Act 1997 or under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003.