Proposal for Podiatrist Prescribing

You are invited to provide feedback by 5pm, 21st October on the Podiatrists Board of New Zealand’s (PBNZ)’s proposal for podiatrist prescribing.
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Get Registered

In order to practice podiatry in New Zealand podiatrists must not only have the required qualifications but also be registered with the Podiatrists Board. This is a legal requirement in place to protect the health and safety of the New Zealand public, and the Board will only grant registration to applicants who are considered competent and fit for registration.

AUT is the sole education provider of podiatry in New Zealand. Overseas trained podiatrists must gain a qualification and skills assessment from ANZPAC before they can be considered for registration here.

Find out how to apply for registration.

Practitioner Responsibilities

Podiatrists must hold an Annual Practising Certificate (APC) as well as being registered with the Board. The APC must be renewed before it expires on 31 March each year as it is illegal to practice podiatry in New Zealand without one.

Obtaining an APC requires an undertaking by practitioners that they are maintaining their competence and are fit to practice.

You are only able to apply to renew your APC online during March and April each year, at other times you must send the application form in to the Board.

Apply for your Annual Practising Certificate.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements

The Board has a CPD framework that requires practitioners to maintain their competence throughout their practising career as a podiatrist. The new two yearly CPD cycle commenced on 1 January 2018 and practitioners are now able to log their CPD activities online and upload their CPD evidential documentation in their Practitioner Portal. Audits will now be online as well.

Find out more about the CPD and recertification requirements.