In order to be able to practice podiatry in New Zealand podiatrists must hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC). All APC’s expire on 31 March each year and practitioners must renew theirs before then in order to continue practising legally on 1 April.

All APC applicants must comply with the Board’s continuing competence requirements as part of their recertification (obtaining an APC). The Board’s new CPD programme is based on a 2 year cycle. Practitioners are able to log their CPD hours online and upload any documentation in their practitioner portal, using the login on the home page. 

APCs can be renewed online using the same login during March and early April each year. Practitioner contact details may also be updated throughout the year on the same login. 

First time APC applicants and Return to Practice APC applicants are unable to apply on line and must send in the completed application form available on the website. They are required to provide further documentation, including evidence of a current Basic Life Support certificate.

For NZ registrants returning to practice having not practised in New Zealand for 3 years or more, refer to the Board’s Return to Practice Policy. Registrants who have not practised in NZ for 5 years or more are required to sit the Board’s cultural competence Open Book Exam as a requirement to renewing their APC.

If you do not intend to practice and will not be applying to renew your APC, in order to remain on the Register as non-practising you must pay the Inactive Maintenance fee. During the APC renewal period you will be able to do this online. You may also request removal from the Register if you wish.

The Board provides various services to those who have previously gained registration with the Board. These include:

  • Annual Practising Certificates
  • Certificates of Registration
  • Certificates for use by podiatrists applying for registration in other countries
  • Copy of Register (available to the public) . Please note the Board does not publish addresses.
  • Fees payment form

Change Register Details

Address changes
NB: The Podiatrists Board may from time to time publish the Register, however it does not publish any addresses or contact numbers.

Name changes
Within one month after a podiatrist changes their name, the podiatrist must give the Registrar written notice of the new name.