How to register

Podiatry is a registered occupation in New Zealand. This means that you must not commence practising as a podiatrist unless you have been registered with the Podiatrists Board of New Zealand and hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC). All registration applications must be posted, as the Board requires the original of the certified documents. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your completed registration application (and desktop assessment for overseas qualified applicants) to be processed.

NZ Graduates

The Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is the only qualification currently offered in New Zealand which leads to registration with the Podiatrists Board. Download the Registration application form here.

As well as registration, in order to practice podiatrists must also hold an Annual Practising Certificate. 

Please note:

  • For new NZ graduates who have not been registered with any Registration Authority or practised before, there is a lower APC fee for the period 1 December to 31 March in the first year of practice.
  • All first time APC applicants and Return to Practice APC applicants must provide evidence of a current CPR certificate including AED & Anaphylaxis training (2 hour minimum), to accompany their APC application.

Please refer to the Board payment form for all fees payable.


The Board does not maintain a national directory of podiatry vacancies nor does it help podiatrists find positions.

Please note: Registration is no guarantee of employment. For information on employment in podiatry, you may wish to contact Podiatry New Zealand