Recertification Requirements

The Podiatrists Board requires that practitioners who wish to hold an Annual Practising Certificate, undertake a continuing competence programme which is outlined in the Podiatrists Board Recertification Framework (PBRCF).

The PBRCF requires activities within the following areas:

  • CCME (Compulsory Continuing Medical Education Activities)
  • CME (Continuing Medical Education Activities)
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development Activities) and
  • CQI (Continuing Quality Improvement Activities)

PBRCF Credits:

  • Two credits may be claimed for each hour spent on an activity for your PBRCF requirements
  • The PBRCF currently requires 152 credits within a 4 year period (32 in CCME and 120 within the other 3 areas of CME, CPD and CQI, with the flexibility of a minimum 10 credits in each of these 3 areas)

Practitioners must retain evidence/records (including topics, dates and duration) of courses attended for audit purposes as part of their logbook.


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