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Podiatrists must hold a current practising certificate before they are able to practice podiatry legally in New Zealand. Please refer to the "Re-certification Requirements" page (on the lower left hand column) for further information on the Board's continuing competence requirements for practitioners wishing to obtain or renew their practising certificate. 

For NZ registered practitioners returning to practice having not practised in NZ for 3 years or more, click here for the Board's Return to Practice policy. Note, practitioners who have not practised in NZ for 5 years or more, are now required to sit the Board's cultural competence Open Book Exam as a requirement to renewing their APC.

The Board provides various services to those who have previously gained registration with the Board. These include:

  • Annual Practising Certificates
  • Certificates of Registration
  • Certificates for use by podiatrists applying for registration in other countries
  • Copy of Register (available to the public) . Please note the Board does not publish addresses.

If you are registered as a podiatrist with the Board and you wish to practice in the further Scopes of Practice as a podiatric surgeon and/or podiatric radiographic imager, you will need to apply for registration in these scopes. 

Podiatrists are required by law to maintain a current address in the Register. Failure to do this may result in the Podiatrist's name being removed from the Register under section 21(2) of the Act.

A podiatrist whose name has been removed from the Register under section 21(2) may have their name restored by applying to the Board.

Board Guidelines on the Podiatric Treatment of Whanau/ Family Members


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