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Standards of Practice

The Board is now consulting on this document, intended to update and replace the current Code of Practice. The Board welcomes input from all stakeholders, the closing date is end of business 2 August 2017.

Standards of Practice 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Recertification Policy

The Board has now completed its 2nd consultation on the new CPD Policy, intended to replace the PBRCF. The consultation period closed on 22 May 2017. The Board thanks all stakeholders who provided feedback and has taken this into consideration when preparing the final document, which is expected by the end of June. 

Podiatrists Board Continuing Professional Development Recertification Policy

Supporting documents also in the consultation

Guidance for Setting a CPD Plan

Guidance for Establishing a Formal Peer Group & Recording Activities

Recording of Participation Policy

Audit Policy

Exemption Policy

Failure to Comply Policy

Miscellaneous Reports

Survey results on podiatric prescribing in NZ

Podiatry Workforce Data 2015 / 2016 Comparison

Podiatrists Board and Podiatry NZ comparison to avoid confusion.

Health Practitioner Disciplinary Tribunal Notices: Tribunal decisions on podiatrists


Annual Reports

Gazette Notices

Board Publications:


Continuing Competence

Podiatric Surgery

Accreditation Standards for Podiatric Surgery


Guidelines for Supervision of Podiatrists

Supervision Agreement Template

Supervised Practice Plan Template

Supervised Practice Plan - orientation report

Supervision Report Template


Complaint Process Outline

Guidelines for Competence Review Committee Members: Clinical Visits

Guidelines and Forms for Competence Review Committee Members

Competence Review Guidelines for Podiatrists


HRANZ Joint Guidelines: Transmissible Major Viral Infections (TMVI)

HRANZ / DHB Agreed Guidelines for Competency Referrals

HRANZ / DHB Agreed Guidelines Covernote

Board Guidelines on the Podiatric Treatment of Whanau/ Family Members

Guidance statement for Podiatrists treating Fingernails

Board Guidelines for Providers of Footcare Services who are not Registered Podiatrists


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